Saturday, April 29, 2017

Z is a difficult letter

Z is a tough letter. I have one or two minor Z named characters, but they may not make it through the editing process.

I will use today’s blog entry to say thanks to each and every person who has taken the time to read my little blog. Thanks. Now I’ll ramble a bit about writing.
Chaucer and me, selfie

As a fiction writer I have a hard time coming up with things to blog about. This usually ends with no blogging at all. Sometimes I just end up taking pictures of my pets. (Yeah, I know) I am still working on MARABELLA, QUEST FOR MAGICS and I feel guilty when I stray and
write about something else. I realize that it’s silly. Writing about other things keeps me from getting stale. As much as I love to talk, you’d think that writing conversationally for a few hundred words would come easy to me. I suppose it’s that I’m not sure anyone would care to “listen” to my random rantings. I truly do appreciate those of you who read my blog. I just wish more of you would leave a comment. It could be one word. I guess I need a little validation. You writers out there know what I mean.
Cross-eyed Miss Kitty

We write for many reasons; some to educate and inform, some to entertain, many because we must. Personally, I have these stories in my head that I would love to read and I hope others feel the same. I write for my future readers but I also write for myself. For many years everything I wrote was confined to a series of notebooks. They were for my eyes only. Now that I’ve put myself out there as a writer, I need a little validation once in a while.

Let’s face it. Writing is a solitary endeavor. I find myself still trying to tap into the vast community of indie writers that I know is out there. I follow a lot of you on twitter. I joined a local writer’s group. The people are great. However, when I sit down to write, it is just me.
Yep, I'm a goof

If you are a reader, thanks and please buy my book. (Marabella, Discovering Magics, available in paperback and on Kindle at If you are a writer, hang in there and keep writing. (And please buy my book)
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