Saturday, April 29, 2017

Y is for Yeni Flowers, Captain of the fishing boat, Gray Baby

Yeni captains a fishing vessel operating in Pelagos Bay off the coast of Mirador. We meet her again in MARABELLA, QUEST FOR MAIGICS. (Her accent and manner of speaking are a little different.)

Author: Hello Yeni. How long have you been fishing? How long have you had the Gray Baby?

Yeni: I ship out on her nearly bout seven season ago. Early Infell be owner and captain. He good man. I cook for him one night and he want to up and get joined. He kinda old, but good fellow, so I say yeah. He took sick when we was up North, got frail. He went ashore. Keeps a little place in Westwytch. I captain Gray Baby for five season now.  She a good, sound boat.

Author: How’s business?

Yeni: Fishing is good, yeah. When fishing is not so good, we go north, off the coast of Northern Waste and drop our crab pots. We steer clear of trouble, yeah.

Author: And by trouble, do you mean pirates? Have you had problems with pirates?

Yeni: We got harassed a few times but nothing to pillage on a fish boat. Ain’t no coin till we done and back ashore. We fly the Queen’s colors last two season and nobody bothers. Queen don’t ask much in return, let us keep most our catch.

Author: Queen Dorinda Gold doesn’t ask anything in return?

Yeni: When we South, we ferry for her; a catch to River Mouth and sometime to Shepherd’s Hook. We pick up. We drop off, like a merchant vessel but smellier. Mostly, we fish.

Author: Have you always fished? Where are you from, originally?

Yeni: I done growed up on Pierates. (An island in the Pelagos Sea, near Corsair Island and Shepherd’s Hook) Pap and Mam fished but never had no good size boat. I ship out when I was strong enough to learn proper sailin’. I done bounce port to port, yeah.  

Author: Your accent is different. If you don’t mind me asking, where is that from?

Yeni: Mam and Pap done come from way South, yeah. Village on far side of Pierates where all folks from way South. You got accent too.

Author: I do. I too am from the South in my realm.

Yeni: Early say all boys like the way we Southern girl talk, yeah.

Author: Yeah.

Yeni: I got to push off with the tide. Lest you want to fish, best go soon.

Author: I’m out. Thanks Yeni.
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