Wednesday, April 19, 2017

O is for Orsino

Orsino is the owner and barkeep at the Roadhouse in Sellwood.

Author: Thanks Orsino for hosting this interview. This is my first visit to your roadhouse. How long have you been in business?

Orsino: Let me fill that cup for you. The missus and me built this place in our youth, near twenty-five seasons ago. We lived upstairs for several seasons, then built our little place down the hill. She wanted a garden and some peace and quiet. Now we let out those rooms to travelers. With the stables, we made a nice living until all this started about Demalions. I count many Demalions among my best customers. They travel quite a lot up and down the Valley so this roadhouse became popular. Let me refill that cup for you, dear.

Author: Thanks. So business hasn’t been as good since the trouble started?

Orsino: Not as many folks traveling these days and them that do travel in larger groups. I had a problem with some rough boys breaking up the place and turning away anybody they thought might be Demalion but some friends put a stop to that. Business still ain’t what it was. I don’t reckon it will be until …well, I don’t rightly know when.

Author: This ale is tasty. Do you brew this yourself?

Orsino: Of course. The missus does most of the brewing. We have a few farms around here that grow different varieties of hops for us. This one has a bit of a kick to it. Can I top that off for you?

Author: Yes, please. (giggles) So…you know Marabella, right?

Orsino: I do. I count her as a friend.

Author: Um…what were we talking about?
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