Friday, April 7, 2017

G is for Glen, blacksmith and friend

Glen is my guest today as I interview characters from my MARABELLA series. Glen is the son of Halsta, blacksmith of Helfin.

Author: Have you lived in Helfin all your life?

Glen: Yes.

Author: What is your relation to Marabella?

Glen: We’re not related. We are friends, though. Since school, we’ve been friends. She and Letta, my wife, are good friends. And Marabella’s little brother is my little brother. But she’s not my sister…see my pap and her mother had Natan. And Wesley is my best friend. Wesley is Marabella’s…uh…they’re close. I guess we are family, now that I think about it.

Author: Okay. A little confusing but I get it. Let’s move on. You are a blacksmith, like your father. Do you like it?

Glen: Yeah. I was born to it. I work the forge with my pap, Halsta. And little Natan, my brother, he works it too. But Natan, he’s got skills beyond a regular smith. That boy can make some amazing things.   

Author: What do you think about the controversy surrounding the Demalions and those who want them gone from the Valley?

Glen: Not a lot of people would ask me a question like that. I’m not real educated. I ain’t at all what you’d call scholarly, but I do have an opinion about all this trouble we been seein’. Some folks fear the Demalions because they have magics. Way I see it, magics are just a talent or skill like any other. I’m a smith; a darn good one too. Just cause you can’t do what I do ain’t no reason to fear me. And my brother is a better craftsman than me but it still takes him longer to bang out a cart wheel than it does me.  Everybody’s skill has a place. I reckon Koros is smart enough to know all this. I figure he has another reason for wanting to get rid of the Demalions.

Author: So you believe that Koros has his own agenda.

Glen: Agenda. That‘s a good word for it. Yeah, I’d say Koros has his own agenda. And it ain’t gonna be good for no one.

Author: What are your hopes for the future?

Glen: I’d like to see all this mess ended. I’m afraid it will get worse before it does though. I just want to work the forge, raise a bunch of nubbins with Letta, and take care of my family.

Author: How many kids, uh, nubbins do you and Letta plan to have?

Glen: (blushes red) We done talked about four or five at least. We both want two or three of each. I need to have enough so at least one or two will learn the forge.

Author: What did you think of my portrayal of you in MARABELLA, DISCOVERING MAGICS?

Glen: Never read it. I don’t read nothing, lest I have to. Ain’t there supposed to be another one?

Author: Yes, yes. I’m working on it. (#amwriting #AtoZchallenge) Thanks for participating.

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