Tuesday, April 18, 2017

N is for Natan, blacksmith, craftsman, and brother to Marabella

Natan is Marabella’s half-brother, son of Halsta, blacksmith of Helfin.

Author: Thanks for being here today. Tell me what it’s been like growing up in Helfin.

Natan: It’s been okay, I suppose. My mother was killed when I was quite young so it’s just been my pap and my brother Glen at home. I would say that I’ve had a normal childhood but I don’t know anything different so it may not be so normal. Having Marabella for a sister probably makes my experience a little unique.

Author: How does Marabella make your experiences unique?

Natan: You’ve met her. You know. Belle keeps things interesting.

Author: How so? Can you explain it to our readers who don’t know her as well?

Natan: I always knew my sis was special, even before anyone mentioned that her pap was Demalion. She lights up a room by walking into it. And she’s always had abilities. She’s smarter than most, picks up on whatever she’s reading easy as you please; always better at physical stuff too. Even when we were little, Belle could run faster, climb higher, and throw straighter. Most folks thought it was because she was fearless. She had the courage to try anything and she usually succeeded. I knew that she was special though. I never could lie to her. No one can. I stopped trying long ago.

Author: Is it difficult having a half-sister with magics when you do not?

Natan: I’ve never thought of Belle as my half-sister. We have different fathers but she’s my sister, plain and simple. As for her abilities and magics and stuff, that don’t mean anything to me. We all have our abilities. Mine is glasswork and blacksmithing. She’s got her magics and telepathy. You write.

Author: Are you concerned about the recent changes in attitudes toward Demalions, since your sister is Demalion?

Natan: What’s going on now in Common Valley is worrysome. I have cause to speak with folks coming through Helfin quite a bit, being in business like we are. Most folks are less worried about Demalions than the rough boys and soldiers that are spreading over the Valley. Some knuckleheads use what they call the unrest as an excuse to make trouble. They single out people that might be Demalion or friendly to Demalions. There’s been a few that tried with us but they change their tune when they realize that we have the only forge around. Ignorance and prejudice don’t fix a wagon wheel.

Author: You are getting a reputation for being quite the craftsman. You do more than regular smithing. Can you tell us about that? When did you start? What do you make?

Natan: Thank you for that. I started tinkering with other mediums when I was just a nubbin. My friend Fellis and his pap are glass smiths. I done learned a lot from them over the seasons. I started hammering out wire and making little figures for my mam when I was too small to swing a big hammer. Over the seasons, I found I

had an aptitude for making more delicate things. I designed and made more refined tools for making jewelry and such. Though, I can still pound out a horse shoe if needed.

Author:  Thank you, Natan.

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