Thursday, April 20, 2017

P is for Pandy Yarrow, sailor

I'm running a little behind because I just spent the last two days on the Scarlett Mermaid interviewing two of the crew for the next installments.  What a great experience.

Pandy Yarrow is a female sailor on the Queen's vessel, the Scarlett Mermaid
Author: What’s it like being a female sailor?

Pandy: I don’t get the question. What does being a female have to do with it? I do my job; better than most. That’s why I’m on the Queen’s vessel. Only the best, most loyal and capable sail on the Scarlett Mermaid. Being a sailor is hard work most days, but we have a good crew. Is that what you mean?

Author: Where I come from men and women traditionally have different roles. Fewer women have jobs associated with hard manual labor.

Pandy: Are the women in your realm less capable than men? Is there something that makes them weak?

Author: No. It’s more of a cultural thing, we’re still working to overcome. I suppose that doesn’t apply to you.

Pandy: Not at all. Women here do all the same jobs as men. On a ship, you need strength, of course. But more importantly you must be quick, you must know your job and you must be loyal.

Author: And do women receive the same pay as the men for the same work?

Pandy: What a strange question. Of course. Is this not true in your realm?

Author: Actually, no. Women in my realm still struggle for equal pay for equal work.

Pandy: No wonder you spend so much time in our realm. Do writers make equal pay? Do you make the same as other authors?

Author: I don’t make as much as many other authors but it isn’t because I’m a woman. I haven’t yet reached a level of success that pays much. This is a field where pay inequality doesn’t really apply. But let’s get back on track. I’m supposed to interviewing you.

Pandy: Yes. Yes. Perhaps if you’d finish your next book, you would be more successful?

Author: Yes. I know. I’m working on it. May we continue? Are there relationships aboard ship? If so, does it cause problems?

Pandy: Ah, yes. Working side by side and living in close quarters can lead to romantic feelings. It may also lead to murderous feelings. I know that some think of us as pirates, as if that is a bad word, but it is important for us to maintain strict professionalism while aboard. We must leave the feelings, good or bad, on shore.

Author: Thank you, Pandy. This has been enlightening. And if you ever quit sailing, you may have a future as an interviewer.

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