Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for Verragold Cafe in River Mouth

Today’s entry is a little different. I will be visiting the Verragold Café in River Mouth, trying the food and speaking with the proprietor, Marceli Verragold.

The dining area is clean and neat. Marceli offered a warm welcome and seated me at a table near the fireplace.

Author: How long have you had this café?

Marceli: About ten seasons ago I came back to River Mouth from Dune Town. Both my children were pretty much grown and I needed something to do. Dune Town is a bit dull for my taste. My girl, Dori suggested I open a business and I’ve always like to feed people so here we are. I think you’ve met my boy, Ragus.

Author: I have. I interviewed him earlier this week. He is quite charming.

Marceli: He is a scamp and comes across so arrogant sometimes, but the boy has a heart as big as a dragon. I worry about him nowadays. I wish he would quit the Valley and go back to sea with his sister. But he’s a land lubber. That boy loves the woods and hunting and such. Ah, here’s your food. Enjoy. I’ll be back to check on you.

Author:  Thanks. They’ve brought several selections and I already know that there’s at least one I won’t have the courage to try. Eel is not for me. The fish wrapped in bacon is served with green peas and pearl
onions. It’s delicious once you peel off the skin. The bread is delightful, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. My favorite is the little pies, each with a different filling. Some have chopped meat
and vegetables, others are filled with rice and fish. The best one has a sweet cream filling with pistachios. Yummy.

Marceli: How do you like the food?

Author: It’s all wonderful but I must confess that I didn’t try the eel. I’m not that adventurous.

Marceli: That’s fine. It’s not for everyone.

Author: You mentioned the problems in Common Valley. How has it affected your business?

Marceli: For truth, it’s been good for business. And not just mine but all over here abouts. Folks are leaving the Valley, Demalions and Common folk alike. Some are shipping out, others are looking for work in the area. It’s not a full onslaught just yet, only a few every moon cycle. But mark me here, we Demalions are a tolerant bunch, up to a point. Something bad could happen any time. If Koros is building an army like some say, he expects folks to fight back. He ain’t going to like it when they do.

Author: Wise words, Marceli. Thank you for the food and conversation.

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