Thursday, April 13, 2017

K is for Koros, dark master scholar

Koros is a master scholar at the University at Drosia and the most influential member of the governing council. He is also the architect of the plan to rid Common Valley of Demalions and their magics.

Author: Let’s get right to it shall we? What is it that you have against Demalions?

Koros: First, let me thank you for granting this interview. I find it remarkable that you would set aside your apparent affection for Demalions to speak with me. It shows me a dedication to your craft as a writer. I have nothing against Demalions; it is their magics I find objectionable.

Author: Have you always felt this way? Have you or someone you know ever been harmed by Demalions or magics?

Koros: Like you, I was once an idealistic scholar myself. I felt no malice toward any race of humans. It was through arduous hours of study that I began to note dangerous differences between Common folk and Demalions. They do not think as we think, behave as we behave. The magics they possess give them a very different perspective. As one without your own magics, I realize that this may be hard for you to grasp. Magics and the items which are imbued with magics are inherently evil.

Author: Why do you believe Demalion magics to be evil? Have you or anyone you know been harmed by Demalions or magics? 

Koros: After many seasons of study by scholars from every corner of the Valley, we still do not know the source of their magics. And before you start with those ridiculous children’s stories about dragons, know that I don’t believe a word of those tales.   

Author: Why does it matter where their magics come from? And I’ll ask once more, have you been harmed by Demalions or their magics?

Koros:  The source of their magics is pertinent to the safety and well-being of every citizen of the Valley.

Author: A politician’s answer. Our time is limited so let’s move on, shall we? Was Malick one of your agents?

Koros: Who? One of my agents? My dear, there are many in the Valley who agree with me about the Demalion problem. I obviously do not know them all.

Author: It has been reported that you are collecting magical items. Why?

Koros: You have been misinformed, my dear. Why would I collect items which have no use to me? There have been some dangerous magical items confiscated, solely for the purpose of destroying them.

Author: Is it true that you are forming an army? To what end?

Koros: Forming an army? Of course not. There has been an influx of young men and women volunteering to join the ranks of those willing to protect the Valley for the Common folk. They are being trained, of course. We must maintain order and organization of the troops…er ah…volunteers.

Author: What kind of future do you envision for Common Valley?

Koros: Now that is a worthy question. I will see the Valley rid of the scourge of criminals and miscreants traveling back and forth across this great land. They bring crime and disharmony. They hawk their wares up and down the valley, taking jobs and revenue from decent Common folk. These Demalions weave their evil spells to ruin crops and lure vulnerable young people from their homes. They use powerful magical items to influence and manipulate the simple denizens of our great Valley. I will see them gone.  Peace and prosperity will be restored for all Common folk.

Author: Okay. Thanks for the interview.

Koros: It is always a pleasure to speak about making the Valley safe for those who belong.

(Author’s note: This guy gave me the creeps. Marabella says not to believe anything he says.)

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