Tuesday, April 25, 2017

S is for Sebastian, Moorcat of the Golden Paw Clan

Sebastian is Marabella’s friend and companion. He helped her learn to focus her magics and develop some of her skills. Since Moorcats are telepathic and I’m not, Marabella will interpret for us.

Author: I am honored by the opportunity to interview you. What can you tell me about your race and from where you originate?

Sebastian: We hail from another realm. It was beautiful once. Unfortunately, a cataclysmic event caused much of our world to become uninhabitable. We found some other realms to be more hospitable.

Author: How do you travel between realms?

Sebastian: Magics, of course.

Author: Why do Moorcats seek out green eyed Demalions?

Sebastian: We seek to give them guidance and teach them how to hone their skills.

Author: But why just the Demalions with green eyes?

Sebastian: Most Demalions have some magics. Green eyed Demalions have the potential for great power. Our race has seen that great power unchecked can have grave consequences. We endeavor to guide. It is not our intention to interfere. In fact, we have strict laws which forbid any interaction that might change the course of a human life.

Author: But doesn’t your council and the things you teach them about their magics change their lives?

Sebastian: We make no choices for them. I can see that this concept is difficult for you to understand. Consider books. Humans read books for pleasure but also to guide and inform. The book cannot affect a human physically but may influence the decisions the human makes by providing more complete information. We are like books.

Author: (Really big, kind of intimidating books.) You mentioned that green eyed Demalions have the “potential” for great power. Can you explain?

Sebastian: Certainly. We have found that among Demalions with green eyes, only one in a generation may be found to possess an aptitude for higher magics of any consequence.

Author: Is Marabella that one in a generation?

Sebastian: She is that and more.

Author: I have some questions for you from one of my readers. What is your favorite food? Are you married/joined? Do you hate the water, like our domestic cats?

Sebastian: My favorite food is fresh fish. I have not yet chosen a mate. I quite enjoy being in the water as in bathing or swimming; but not on the water in a ship or boat. The rocking motion of those vessels does not agree with me.

Author: Thank you for your time.

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