Monday, April 17, 2017

M is for Matherly, cabin boy on the Scarlett Mermaid

Matherly Colt is cabin boy and personal attendant to Queen Dorinda Gold, Monarch of the Pirates of the Pelagus Sea
Author: How long have you been Queen Dorinda’s cabin boy?

Matherly: I came aboard when I was a pup of nine seasons. I’ve been with her for near three seasons, I guess.

Author: What are your duties? Do you like it?

Matherly: I love the sea and there ain’t a better captain to serve than our lady. My duties are whatever my lady says. I keep her quarters tidy and help out some in the galley too. I run errands and messages when she needs me to and I’m good at gatherin’ information when you need someone sly.

Author: What does that mean?

Matherly: (Laughs) Say you want to find out what another captain is up to. If one of the sailors goes and sits down in the tavern with the other crew and starts asking questions or listening to their plans, they likely end up on the pointy end of a sword. But if a boy, such as myself, is hanging about the tavern, sweeping up or helping the serving girls, nobody even notices. I hear news from all ports.

Author: What is the news in those ports about the way the Demalions are being treated in Common Valley?

Matherly: Now this I will tell you true. There be a mighty crew of Demalions leaving the Valley these days; more all the time. Dark times loom on the horizon for the Valley, I think. I hear tell that Master Koros fella is trainin’ soldiers at that University now. And I don’t care what he said when you interviewed him, he is collectin’ items with magics. I done heard it more than once from crewmen and those fleeing the Valley. Dark times for certain.

Author: I see. Let’s get back to talking about you, shall we? What kind of education are you able to receive being aboard ship all the time?

Matherly: The best kind. I’m learnin’ every day. I know each nook of this ship. There ain’t a position aboard that ain’t familiar to me. I reckon I could fill in for any swab on this boat ceptin’ Our Lady or Mr. Gant, the first mate. I mean there are some duties I haven’t the push and pull for yet but I know what to do.

Author: The push and pull?

Matherly: The muscle. The physical strength. There are a couple of things I’m not yet strong enough to do.

Author: Oh, I see. What about regular education, in books and such?

Matherly: I done learned to read and write and do sums. A sailor needs to know his sums to navigate properly.  I do a fair amount of reading. I get geography and history from every sailor I meet. Sailors have the best stories; you just have to be able to sort the true from the whimsy. Sailors like to embellish some to make all seem interesting.

Author: Marabella tells me that you always tell the truth.

Matherly: (Grins) I always tell my Queen the truth. I make no guarantees to anyone else.  

Author: You say you do a fair amount of reading. Have you read my book?

Matherly: I did. But it was all about Marabella. I’m ready to read the next one. I reckon it will be more interestin’ cause I‘m in it. When can I get that one?

Author: I’m working on it. #amwriting #AtoZchallenge Thanks for talking with me.

Matherly: Yes mam.  

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