Friday, April 28, 2017

X is for Xylo Orionis, Horseman of the Northern Wilds

Xylo is a Centaur. He is a member of the nomadic tribe inhabiting the harsh lands north of Common Valley. They are known as the Horsemen. It is a rare privilege to be afforded an audience.

Author: Xylo, thank you for allowing me to visit with you today. What do you like best and least about the nomadic lifestyle?

Xylo: Thank you for coming. I most enjoy the running. Out on the plains you can see for great distances. I love going out and chasing the horizon. The downside is that we miss out on interaction with others. I do tire of seeing the same faces day after day. We do not often intermingle with outsiders.

Author: How many tribes inhabit the Northern Wilds? Are there other tribes elsewhere?

Xylo: There are several tribes but only three wander the wilds right now. We, the Orionis are hunters. The Bootes (pronounced bo-OH-teez) are herdsmen. The Eriandus dwell near the rivers. The Equulei, Monoceros and Pegasi tribes mostly keep to Mirador. I know there are others too in other realms.

Author: What if you decide you don’t want to be a hunter anymore? Can you move to another tribe?

Xylo: Of course. It happens every season. Colts and fillies, the youngsters, often get the urge to experience the new and different. They petition the tribal council, who notify the other tribal council. Once everyone is in agreement they take the new tribe name. I was born Eriandus but came here five seasons ago. One day I may go back but for now, I love this life.

Author: Why is it such a formal procedure to move from one place to the next?

Xylo: Unlike humans, we keep a close knit community. By the petitioning and approval required, councils take responsibility for the newcomers to ensure that everyone is afforded the safety and protection of the tribe.  

Author:  Have the problems in Common Valley affected you up here in the wilds?

Xylo: Not that much, but we are watchful. We have seen a few more humans migrating out of the Valley. They are not always equipped to journey through the wilds. It has given us chance interact with you more. In past seasons, the affairs of those in the Valley were of no consequence to us. But it seems that this Master Koros is trying to declare war on magics. We are magical beings. Consequently, as I said, we are watchful.

Author: I believe that is wise. Thank you for your time.

Xylo: You are quite welcome to come again.

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