Tuesday, April 25, 2017

T is for Tufa, resident of Helfin

Tufa is a long time resident of Helfin and the mother of Marabella’s friend Aberlaine. She was close friends with Marabella’s mother, Mara.

Author: Thank you being here today. Have you always lived in Helfin?

Tufa: I grew up near Riverton. My pap worked on the ferry some, fished some. My mam died when I was a nubbin. I left home at about fifteen seasons, traveled some; then ended up in Helfin just before Aberaline was born.

Author: You were a Lady of the Red Sash?

Tufa: It’s honest work. I had worked as a Lady of Comfort at a brothel in Riverton but it was a rough place, so I left. After Aberlaine was born I started wearing the Sash. Then Mara came along and we all looked out for one another. She never cared for it though. She was much better suited to being a tailor. That girl was a marvel with a needle. It was horrible what Malick done to her. I hope they catch him one day. She was powerful kind to my girl, Aberlaine. Taught her them fine stitches. Aberlaine won’t never have to sell herself.

Author: How is Aberlaine’s tailoring business doing?

Tufa: She does real fine work. She makes us both a good livin’. I help out some but she’s the talent. Business was very good for a while but folks don’t travel so much for market days anymore, what with all the rough boys and soldiers up and down the Valley.

Author: What do you think about Koros and his campaign to get rid of Demalions from the Valley?

Tufa: It’s insanity. I know men, seein’ as how they was my business for many a season. Demalion men, magics or no, ain’t no different from any others. Truth is, they rate kinder than average. I ain’t educated or nothin’ but I don’t believe that all this is really about people at all. I think it is about magics. Some got ‘em and some others want ‘em.

Author: That’s very insightful, Tufa. Thank you.
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