Friday, April 14, 2017

L is for Letta, childhood friend of Marabella

Letta is a close childhood friend of our heroine, Marabella. She has lived in Helfin all her life.

Author: Thanks for the interview.

Letta: Thank you for asking me. It makes me feel important. I read your book. It was good. I loved the way you described my Joining Ceremony to Glen. I knew he was nervous but when I read your account I just laughed and laughed, and then I cried a little. It was beautiful. I loved your description of my pink dress.

Author: Thanks for that. I’ve done several interviews so far and one thing that nearly everyone has spoken about is the changes in Common Valley. Tell us a bit about your life and how it has changed recently.

Letta: Oh, where shall I start? Things were simpler when I was a child. But aren’t they always. I mean children see things simply, don’t they? But this Koros fellow has stirred up bad feelings toward Demalions for a bunch of people. You interviewed him, didn’t you? How was that? Is he as intimidating as they say or is that just gossip?

Author: It was interesting. But let’s get back to your interview, shall we?

Letta: Oh yes, sorry. How things have changed…okay. Demalions have always been around. I mean, all my life anyway. They’re merchants and craftsmen. They travel the Valley and bring Festival. That’s the way it’s been for a long time. No one had any problems with Demalions before Koros started this.

Author: How do you feel about the fact that Demalions have magics?

Letta: Do they? Do they really? Well, if they do I think it’s just wonderful. I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with it; unless they’re jealous. All the Demalions I’ve had the pleasure of knowing are wonderful folks. And what kind of magics anyway? I’ve never seen anything that was all that amazing. I mean Celene did read our fortunes one time and that was exciting and fun; but it was a trick, right? And I’ve known Marabella since the first day of school, long before she knew she was Demalion. I’ve never seen her do anything magical. Except you can’t lie to her. She can get the truth out of anybody. And she has a really good way with animals. It’s like she can talk to them. But lots of people are good with animals. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her start a fire without a tinder box; but …maybe she does have some magics. So what?

Author: What do you see for the future of Common Valley?

Letta: I don’t know. And that is a bit scary. I’m afraid that things are getting out of hand already. I just want things to go back to the way they were so that Glen and I can raise a family in peace. Something is coming though and it’s not good. It seems like Marabella is in the middle of it. She’s never backed down from a fight. She and Wesley used to get teased a lot, well mostly Wesley. But Belle, we here in Helfin still call her Belle, like when she was little. Anyway, Belle will always stand up for her friends and family. And she’s formidable girl. But I’ve heard that Koros may be forming an army, and not just a bunch of rough boys who like to cause trouble either. I heard that they’re training and everything. So, yeah. I’m worried.

Author: Thank you, Letta. It has been a pleasure.

Letta: Thank you for having me. Oh, and everyone please leave a comment.
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