Monday, April 3, 2017

A is for Aravor

It is a great honor that our first interview is with Aravor, the Great Green Dragon. I must admit some trepidation on my part when I realized that I would be interviewing Aravor. My fears were unfounded as he is friendly and accommodating.

     Aravor is the Great Green Dragon of Legend. His magics are the source of the Demalion’s power which he bestowed upon their Ancestor for seeking knowledge over riches. In allowing the Ancestor to take a part of him, he insured a connection between himself and the Demalion people for all time.

     Author: I am so excited to have you here. I’ll just get right to the questions. How old are you?

     Aravor: I am older than the world which I inhabit, existing in the realm of magics.

     Author: The story of your first meeting with the Ancestor of the Demalions is the stuff of legend. Why did you allow him to take the Eye?

     Aravor: There was a time when I might have eaten the boy. I saw his determination as he scaled the dangers of the mountain to find my lair. I usually shrouded my home with magics so that it could not be found but he peaked my interest. Of course, I thought he could be a treasure seeker but there was something special about him. I could sense it. I decided that if he made it up the mountain, I would speak with him. When I met him and found him to seek only knowledge, I admit, I was impressed. Allowing him to take whatever treasure he could carry was both a test of his character and intelligence. If he had loaded his pockets with gold and jewels, the weight of it would have been his undoing on the precarious climb down the mountain. The fact that he chose my dried up old eye was fate.

     Author: There has been some speculation as to how you lost your eye. Would you like to clear that up for us?

     Aravor: It was lost in a battle. I would rather not speak of it. Thanks.

     Author: Moving on. I hope this isn’t an uncomfortable question. Are you the last of your kind?

     Aravor: Chuckles   Of course not. I admit that dragons are scarce in this realm but my kind abound in others. Alagaesia and Westeros are both home to my kin and Godsland is overrun with dragonkind. Do you read?

     Author: (Looks embarrassed. Clears throat.) You seem quite solitary. Do you now or have you ever had a mate?

     Aravor: Ah yes. There was a female; once, long ago. A volatile red female with the most graceful long neck you’ve ever seen. We would fly into the stratosphere and entwine our …well that is not an appropriate story for an interview such as this.

     Author: Oh, please. Do go on. Tell whatever story you like.

     Aravor: I think not. Next question.

     Author: I just have one more. What do you think of Marabella? And do you think my portrayal of her in my books is accurate?

     Aravor: That’s two questions. I am quite fond of Marabella, as you know. You represent us both very well in your writing. However, I do believe that there is room for improvement to your prose. Over all, you do a fine job. Now you must finish.

     Author: I know. I’m working on it. #amwriting Thank you for the interview. It has been an honor.

     Aravor: You are quite welcome. I would be happy to speak with you any time. Now stand back and mind the updraft when I take off. 
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