Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I is for Islene, resident of Helfin

Today’s guest is Islene from Helfin. She is the mother of Geoffrey and Felanna, who were both classmates of Marabella.

Author: Thank you for speaking with me today.

Islene: Yes, yes. I just want you to know that I am not here to talk about that girl. Felanna said she walked out on your little interview with her because you only wanted to talk about Marabella.

Author: I did write a book about her. But I am here today to speak with you and get your view of the things going on in Common Valley.

Islene:  Well, and rightly so I would think. Some of the things happening now are unfortunate. There has been some unnecessary violence to be sure. I feel that the Demalions should heed the general consensus and pack up and clear out. There is no place in Common Valley for those who practice the magics. My opinion is that we’d all be better off without them here.

Author: Just for the sake of argument, why is there no place for those who practice magics?

Islene: I…well…magics are evil.

Author: What makes magics evil?

Islene: By all the stars! What a question. Where do those powers come from? What might they do with them if they had the chance or inclination? You can’t predict what those people might be up to. They can start fires with just a few words. They aren’t like us Common folk. They have a different way of speaking. They often dress in quite elaborate costumes and the way some of them dance is just indecent.   

Author: You said they should heed the general consensus. Do you believe that all Common folk want them gone?

Islene: Not all, of course. There are those, even in my own household, who have a soft spot for them. But I, and many others know that they don’t belong. They should go.

Author: Many of the Demalions who live in Common Valley, have lived here all their lives. Do you honestly believe that they should be forced to leave the only home they’ve ever known just because of their ancestry?

Islene: They would be happier in a land where they fit in with the people. Don’t you think? If not for the Demalion “cause”, my son would be an honored scholar now.  Their influence has jeopardized his future. How many more lives must be ruined?

Author: The Demalions have lived peacefully in Common Valley for a very long time. Why now? What has changed that means they are more of a threat now?

Islene: Their little caravan and Festival used to be a nice distraction once a season. They were a novelty. Now they are buying land, setting up shop in every town. I don’t like it.

Author: Okay. That’s all the time we have for today. Thank you for speaking with me.

Islene: Of course. It is important for you to get the real story from someone in the know. By the way, I read your book. It wasn’t very good. But do keep trying. Perhaps if you change your subject matter, the next one will be better. That is, if you ever finish it.

Author: I’m working on it. #amwriting

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