Monday, April 10, 2017

H is for Horace, Demalion herbalist and teacher

Horace is a Demalion herbalist and teacher. We meet him in MARABELLA, QUEST FOR MAGICS.

Author: How long did you live in Common Valley?

Horace: I settled in Sellwood long ago. Set up shop as an herbalist and did real fine for many a season.

Author: Did the problems and changing attitudes against Demalions cause you to leave Sellwood?

Horace: For true and certain. Was a time when all ye need do was be fair in yer trade and a good neighbor. Folks about Sellwood came to me for their cookin’ and healin’ herbs. I could roam far and wide for gatherin’ without bein’ molested by some rough boy. Some knowed I was Demalion and had a little magics but didn’t pay no mind. A few seasons ago viewpoints started to change. With each moon I had less business at my shop. Now mind ye, I had my regular customers and they be steadfast. But I be an old man, and when the thugs broke into my shop and tore it apart, I knowed my time in Sellwood was over and I best be headin’ outside the Valley.

Author: Did you train Marabella?

Horace: I did work with her for a bit. Thing about Marabella is she don’t need a lot of trainin’. That girl has got magics in her blood. She took to potion makin’ easy as ye please. Girl likes to read so she has knowledge. And she done growed up with two of the best herbalists in Common Valley. Ma Nan and Ruth got more experience with what they call remedies and healin’ than most anybody. With Marabella, all ye needs is to point her in the proper direction and let her go. She made a tea for energy that darn near ended me and Bronwyn. We done two weeks work in a single evening. Girl don’t know her own strength.

Author: You’ve been around the Common Valley for a long time. What do you think about Koros and the changing attitudes about Demalions?

Horace: That Koros be dangerous. It ain’t just politics. There’s been a governing council in Drosia for many a season, but mostly local magistrates took care of law and order. This be something different. Koros targets Demalions and has his boys lookin’ for magical items.  I ain’t so sure why, but I been around long enough to know, there’s somethin’ we don’t know.

Author: Any guesses as to what that something might be?

Horace: No, but I can tell ye, it ain’t good.

Author: Thank you for your time, Horace.

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