Tuesday, April 25, 2017

R is for Ragus, lovable rogue

Ragus is a Demalion hunter and warrior. He is close friend and trainer to Marabella.

Author: Thank you for being here today. Ah, a kiss on the hand… so gallant. I don’t know what to say. I’ve heard that you are something of a rouge.

Ragus:  You flatter me, Author. And with me, flattery will get you whatever you want. Sit here, next to me, and let’s get to know one another.

Author: I’m supposed to be interviewing you. Are you okay with that?

Ragus: There’s nothing I’d rather talk about than me. Ask me anything.

Author: I’ve noticed that people in Common Valley seem to have one name; but Demalions from outside the Valley also have a last name like we do where I come from. What is your last name?
Ragus: My full name is Ragus Verragold.

Author: Are you married or otherwise attached?
Ragus: And here I was thinking that your only interest in me was academic. Are you blushing? It’s okay. I like studious, smart women. And of course, they all like me. But seriously, to answer your question, no I am not attached. It wouldn’t be fair to all the women I have yet to meet.

Author: I know that you helped in training Marabella to fight. Where did you receive your training?
Ragus: Training Marabella was easy. We started when she was just a little thing, about twelve. But she took to it well. She has abilities that exceed most seasoned fighters. Her quickness and dexterity are amazing. The girl is quite fearless as well. After Mara, her mother was murdered, she became much more fierce and serious about her fighting skills. She’s an excellent hunter too. 

Author: And you?

Ragus: I learned in many places. Like a lot of Demalions, I have spent time outside Common Valley. I spent two full seasons on the sea when I was just a pup. I learned swordplay from someone I believe you’ve met. Quality Gant taught me the fundamentals of the sword and an old salt named Tweedy Calmseas helped me hone my hand to hand skills. I think they are both on the Scarlett Mermaid now. 

Author: Did you enjoy your time at sea? 

Ragus: I did. I learned a lot. But the salt air was very hard on my hair and I missed hunting.

Author: What about your family? Where did you grow up?

Ragus:  You want the whole story of Ragus? You may have to write another book. When you finish Marabella’s story of course. You are going to finish it, aren’t you?
Author: Yes. I’m working on Marabella’s story. But right now I want to hear a bit more about you.

Ragus: Of course you do. My sister and I were both born on Mercantile Isle. Our parents were merchants there. Our pap shipped out from time to time on various vessels. One day in my thirteenth season, he didn’t come home. Mam moved us to River Mouth and then Dune town. After my stint on the sea I took to hunting and sometimes toured with the Traveling Clan. 

Author: Are your mother and sister still in Dune Town? Do you see them often?

Ragus: My sister, Dori took to the sea. She loves it and it suits her. She’s done very well for herself. Mam is in River Mouth. She has a little café on the boardwalk, near the docks; the Verragold Café. Dori is in port a lot and sees her all time. I always seem to be traveling but I visit when I can. 

Author: You are a good son. Thank you for the interview.

Ragus: You are welcome. Now why don’t we get a bottle of red and you can tell me all about yourself?

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