Thursday, April 6, 2017

E is for Earl Oddfellow, sailor on the Scarlett Mermaid

My guest today is Earl. He is a sailor on Queen Dorinda Gold’s flagship, The Scarlett Mermaid.

Author: Welcome Earl.  How long have you been a sailor?

Earl: Since the first day I set foot on a ship. I was a nubbin of about six.

Author: You’ve work on a ship since you were six?

Earl: No. Of course not. My Pap and Mam were traders. Had a wee store in Dune Town. Pap brought me on a trip to pick up some wool from Shepherd’s Hook. That’s a little island off the coast. Lots of sheep and goats, not much else. Anyhow, soon as I stepped on to the boat, saw the power of the waves tossin’ the ship about, I knew what I wanted to do. I started on fishing boats when I was big enough to pull my weight. I was twelve or so, I think.

Author: Some call you pirates. What do you think of that?

Earl: Nothin’ wrong with pirates. Some may call us whatever they please. I serve at Queen Dorinda’s pleasure. She makes the law. We mostly trade. Sometime we plunder. But never do we kill nobody that don’t need killin’.  

Author: I see. What’s it like being a sailor?

Earl: Hard work. Long days. Discipline. Good grub. Fair pay. That’s enough talkin’. (walks away)

Author: Wait. Okay. Thanks for the interview.

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