Wednesday, April 12, 2017

J is for Jewell, young Moorcat of the Golden Paw Clan


Today I am granted the rare privilege to interview a member of the Golden Paw Clan of Moorcats. Jewell is the daughter of Luna and good friend to our heroine, Marabella. Moorcats are telepathic and do not speak human language so Marabella has agreed to interpret for this interview.

Author: Thanks for allowing me this honor. I know that your clan doesn’t grant many interviews. Let’s start by letting people know about moorcats. What can you tell us about your race?

Jewell: First of all, thanks for having me. And thanks Marabella for speaking for me. About my race; we are moorcats. We have magics, but not like human magics. Magical creatures are not all the same, you know. What else? Well, adults are really big; like way bigger than me. Like bigger than your lions and tigers and stuff. That's kinda why they let met do the interview, cause I'm not so big as to freak you out. We now live in the caves around Bistineau marsh in Mirador. They tell me that it’s a lot like where we come from. I’ve lived here my whole life.
Average adult with youngling and human

Author: And how long is that? How old are you?

Jewell: I’ve lived twenty winters and twenty summers. (Pauses) Marabella reminds me that we don’t age like humans so I’d better explain. Moorcats live as much as a thousand seasons, sometimes more. At twenty, I am a teenager, technically still a cub. As babies or younglings we grow fast, like your lions and tigers. We are cubs until about one hundred seasons when we reach physical maturity. We continue to grow in wisdom and magics all our lives.

Author: You said where you live now, Bistineau Marsh in Mirador, is much like where your race comes from. Where is that? 

Jewell: We are from another realm. It’s really hard to explain to a human, especially one without magics.

Author: Okay. Let’s move on. How did you meet Marabella?

Jewell: You know this already. Marabella said it’s in your next book.

Author: This interview is for my readers, those who haven’t read about you yet.

Jewell: Oh. I understand. You haven’t finished it.

Author: I’m working on it. #amwriting

Jewell: Whatever. I met Marabella when she came to Mirador with Sebastian. He’s so handsome. Don’t you think? Anyway, Marabella saved my life and we really connected, you know. I’ve counted her as a friend since.

Author: Is there anything else that you’d like to say to the readers?

Jewell: I don’t know. Marabella tells me that the humans who read her blog never leave comments. I guess I would say to do that. Leave a comment already. Thanks for having me. This was weird, but fun.

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