Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Getting back to writing...

Last year I gave myself a deadline for finishing my first draft of MARABELLA, QUEST FOR MAGICS.  When I interviewed Celene, the Demalion Seer, she predicted that I would not make my first deadline. She was right. 

Each of these images represents a bit of the way it feels to write. Of course, I know the story. It would seem that all I need do is write it down. It is amazing how crazy difficult this turns out to be. Finding the right words, setting the scene, making sure all the details are there without going on and on so much that it gets boring; all these things at once can become overwhelming. But I promise to soldier on until this part of her story is complete.
 In the coming weeks I will post excerpts from MARABELLA, QUEST FOR MAGICS.

 There may be much more of this.

But I am determined.
  To those of you who still visit this blog on a regular basis, I hope that you will post your comments and critiques of the excerpts. Your encouragement means a lot. 

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