Wednesday, April 26, 2017

U is for Uless Norbling, shepherd of Shepherd's Hook Isle

Uless Norbling is a shepherd on the little farming island of Shepherd’s Hook in the Pelagus Sea. We’ll meet him again in Marabella, Quest for Magics.

Author: Thank you for agreeing to this interview. I know you don’t get a lot of visitors from other realms here on Shepherd’s Hook.

Uless Norbling: You be the first. Only reason anybody comes here is for sheep; to bring ‘em or take ‘em. But my Queen says you be true, so I trust that you be true.

Author: Thank you. An author can only hope to get an endorsement from a Queen. How long have you lived on Shepherd’s Hook?

Uless: I came here as a nubbin with my mam and pap about fifty seasons ago. Been here ever since.

Author: How many people live on the Isle?

Uless: We gots a fine lil community here of about twenty- eight souls, countin’ nubbins and youngsters.

Author: Is it all your family or a collection of families?

Uless: There be six shepherds countin’ me. Three of us got mates. There’s the weaver and his wife, and four young hands for helpin’. We got thirteen children betwixed one and fourteen and all manner of dogs for the herdin’.

Author: It seems like a solitary existence for a small group of people. How do you handle that?

Uless: We work. There be work for everyone. Even the nubbins help out in the garden or with feedin’ or weavin’, what’s needed. Once a child leaves mam’s hip, they get to workin’. And we ain’t so solitary as you might think. Corsair Island is just a quick jaunt. You can row over there if you got a strong back. The young fellers head over regular to sweet talk with the Ladies of Comfort and drink at the taverns. They got any supplies we needs and the Queen speaks for our safety. Truth is, we got a might easier time than folks in Common Valley. I hear tell they cain’t hardly head out for market days what without being assaulted by them rough boys and soldiers.

Author: I didn’t realize that the news of the unrest in Common Valley had reached out here. I’m surprised you’d find it of interest.

Uless: I see at least one ship a week. Sailors bring all the news from here abouts and the Valley. We be sheltered under the kindness of Queen Dorinda Gold. But every man, woman and youngster best take note at the rise of a despot. Seems to me, from what I heard that this feller Koros is up to somethin’ and it ain’t gonna be good for those in the Valley, Common folk and Demalions alike.

Author: Well said, my friend. Thanks for your time.

Uless: Come back any time.
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