Tuesday, April 26, 2016

S is for Serious

S is for Serious. I find that more and more, books, movies, and television shows are so serious. What happened to fun? Too many people take themselves way too seriously. Some who should be serious are buffoons. We have “reality stars” who seem to think that the world is watching their petty little dramas unfold and milk it for every tear and tantrum they can muster. We have “political candidates” who mock and bluster but have no substance.

We live in a weird world. This should provide excellent material for writers. All too often, we tend to focus on the dark and the drama. When you are writing, don’t be afraid to have some fun. It’s okay to write edgy, face paced drama. But, once in a while lighten up.  Every story needs at least some plucky comedy relief. S is for (not so)Serious. #atozchallenge
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