Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I is for Interruptions

I is for Interruptions. Each and every writer knows exactly what it feels like to finally get your thoughts in order and start to write. You push through the veil of this world and enter your own or you settle enough to be able to hear the voices in your head. Your fingers are poised over the keyboard. Just as your brilliance starts to flow, the phone rings or perhaps it’s the doorbell; maybe someone walks in from another room and begins to tell you about the fantastic Hail Mary pass Doug Flutie made in college 20 years ago. That noise you hear could be Chaucer, the cat, hanging from the window screen, trying to get your attention because you haven’t looked at him in 3 or 4 minutes. These interruptions vex me as well.

My cross-eyed feline, Miss Luna Kitty Longtail, can be particularly annoying when she feels slighted. To appease her, I give her treats or a handful of food. Now look at her.


Writing is my dream job. To others, it seems that what I do all day is sit around in my jammies, or sweats if I feel like getting dressed up, and play around on my computer. Yes, I spend time on FaceBook every day. (And Twitter and Instagram and 2 e-mail accounts.) Yes, I surf the internet for information on pirates and hamsters and medieval sword-making techniques. Crazy as it may seem, it’s all part of the job. (Just like staring at the keyboard, trying to remember the brilliance that was flowing just a moment ago is part of the job.)

*This blog entry was to be more complete but I was interrupted.

*All the aforementioned interruptions did, in fact, happen in a 30 minute period yesterday.

I is for Interruptions. #atozchallenge

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