Friday, April 22, 2016

M is for Maps

M is for Maps. I love maps. I have framed maps of Skyrim and the Northern Realms on my office wall. As I expand Marabella’s world I draw the maps. I don’t draw particularly well but it helps me to know where she is in relation to where she is going. I want to be accurate in my descriptions. My maps help me with continuity and clarity. I love it when I’m reading a fantasy novel and there is a map. I refer to it as I read.
                Perhaps I love maps because I have such a poor sense of direction. It is easy for me to get lost when traveling. Now that I have finally learned to use GPS and the digital maps on my phone, that doesn’t happen as often. Because of the digital versions which actually have a little dot that plots your progress and tells you (literally) when to exit and where to turn, paper maps have become obsolete. I find that kind of sad.
                It is true that paper maps are not as useful as they once were. In our ever changing, fast paced world, changes to towns and roadways happen seemingly overnight. Several years ago, I went on a road trip with my Mom. We traveled through Dallas, Texas. It is always under construction, growing and changing. The good old paper map she had was about 10 years old; so WAY out of date. Let it suffice to say that it was a nightmare.

                But, I write fantasy. In the world I have created, there is no GPS, no cell phones, no digital anything. It is simpler. So, I draw maps.  I map out regions and villages. What do you think? Do you find maps in novels helpful? M is for Maps. #atozchallenge
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