Monday, April 4, 2016

A is for Author

A is for Author. Do you consider yourself an author? I sometimes do. Other times, no so much. What is it that makes you an author?

The act of writing, whether for yourself or the public makes you a Writer. What is the difference? I have always considered myself a writer because like so many others, I have to write. Journaling, bad teen poetry, short stories, and ad copy all served as outlets for my need to put pen to paper. But I didn’t really consider myself an author until I published my first novel.

Something about having that book in my hands with my name on the cover made it seem real. Being an author is my dream job and also something of a nightmare. Now I feel the pressure I put on myself to produce another book. I am writing, but not fast enough. I wrote one book, but haven’t sold that many. “Living the dream” isn’t as dreamy as I’d hoped. It is work, even if it isn’t financially satisfying right now. But I am an author. It is gratifying just to acknowledge it. A is for Author. #atozchallenge

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