Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Book Review: BLOOD BROTHERS by R. Weir

Jarvis Mann is on the case again. This time he finds himself called back to his childhood home of Des Moines, Iowa. Unfortunately, he is there to confirm his sister in law’s suspicions that his older brother Flynn is stepping out on her. It seems Flynn also carries the “infidelity gene” Jarvis struggles against in his efforts to stay true to his lady love Melissa.

     Back in his home town, memories of his youth come flooding back. We get to know our hero more intimately through flashbacks from his childhood. We get to see how Jarvis was saved from going down the wrong path by some tough love from his father and a caring cop friend. Knowing his family and background lend depth to this already familiar character.

     Jarvis has real love and respect for his sister-in-law, Helen and niece Jolene and when Flynn’s attempts to chase the big score put them in danger, it is up to Jarvis to uncover the truths and keep them safe. A case that begins as simple quickly gets complex and deadly. As the body count rises, Jarvis must call in favors from everyone he knows; from local Des Moines PD and the FBI to his “less than legal” connections in Denver and even his old acquaintance, Rocky, the Enforcer. This time it’s personal.

     R. Weir has a real knack for storytelling. Jarvis is a guy you might know or at least run into in a bar. His quick wit and sarcastic one liners are charming and reminiscent of old gum shoes like Sam Spade. The men underestimate him and the ladies love him. The way this story builds from simple to complex is wonderfully done. The twists and turns of the narrative all make sense even as the story grows. And the ending is something I did not see coming but found most satisfying.  

Sandra Boutwell-Falcone

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