Friday, January 8, 2016

The Author Speaks: HELLO NEW FRIENDS!.

Recently, I have been delighted to find that we've had an influx of visits from our friends around the world. It would greatly please me to hear from you. Please leave a comment when you visit. Just let me know where you are. For instance, I am in Austin, Arkansas, USA, a tiny town just northeast of Little Rock.
     Of course, I would be thrilled to learn more about you. What do you like to read? Have you had a chance to read MARABELLA, DISCOVERING MAGICS?  What is your favorite food? What is your favorite kind of music? Anything you would like to share would be great.
     Also, I would enjoy knowing what interests you most about this blog. That way I can be sure to include more of what you like in the future.
     Thank you all for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again and have a wonderful 2016.

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