Wednesday, January 21, 2015


In the coming weeks I will post reviews of Kaspar Beaumont's Hunter's of Reloria Trilogy. 

Review: Hunters of Reloria, Book 1  Elven Jewel

Book 1 in the Hunters of Reloria series introduces us to some wonderful and unlikely heroes. Fendi, Randir, and Sienna are teen halflings used to living a mostly quiet life but they are thrust into a harsh new reality when they embark on a quest to warn others of the impending invasion about to overtake their lush and peaceful land. Hoards of Vergai, reptilian warriors from the land of Vergash are pouring into their quiet world through a portal in the shield which protects them from invaders. They are caught up in the rush to assemble an army to fight the invaders and rescue the kidnapped Elven princess, Shari-Rose. Along the way they are able to enlist the help of a motely assemblage of Relorias varied inhabitants. Once mortal enemies forge alliances to save their land. Human Knights fight alongside Dwarves and Goblins. The mysterious Mountain Man, Asher Grey leads the Hunters of Reloria to a bloody encounter with over one thousand Vergai on the plains. The battle is ultimately won but not without great cost and the princess remains captive beyond the portal in Vergash. 

Kaspar Beaumont creates a wonderful new world with diverse landscapes and people. The sense of urgency inherent in the quest keeps you turning the pages. The close friendships and teen angst of the younger characters are layered against the growing comradeship of the medley of warriors. It is a quick and easy read for fantasy lovers of all ages. I look forward to the next book.   

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