Wednesday, January 28, 2015

REVIEW: Hunter's Quest Hunters of Reloria Book 2

Review: Hunter’s Quest   Hunters of Reloria Book 2

The journey continues as the unlikely heroes trek across Reloria to gather forces to fight off the Vergai invasion which threatens their land. Haflings Fendi and Randir and their bond fairies travel north encountering Violetta, a chatty wizard’s apprentice, Flame Mountain’s men who shape shift into dragons, and the pink eyed, whiten skinned Northern Halflings. After crashing through a portal to the sister planet of Zanarah, dragon Ash and hafling Sienna struggle to stay one step ahead of the giants and devise a way to free the imprisoned elves. 

Kaspar Beaumont does it again. She has created a world that is both fantastical and familiar. Lots of action and a bit of teen romance keep the reader engaged. The science fiction twist of the giant Cyclops with laser beams shooting from their eye is imaginative. The genre mash up totally works. The lesser gravity on the sister planet of Zanarah reminds me of John Carter of Mars. This is a wonderful second installment in this series. I am just glad I already have the third book as I am eager to get on with this story.
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