Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Are you an artist? Can you envision the characters in my adventures as you read about them? An artist named Claire drew this picture of a moor cat. What do you think? Pretty good, huh? The Author and I would love to see more artists interpretations. Below you will find some descriptions right from the book, MARABELLA; DISCOVERING MAGICS. Just leave a comment and send us an email with your artwork attached.(sbfalcone.writes@gmail.com) We will post all entries on this site. If we find one that is particularly accurate I'll get The Author to send you a copy of MARABELLA; DISCOVERING MAGICS. 
He was a big man clad in the heavy boots and leather breeches of a woodsman.  His thick coat was fastened against late winter’s chill and stretched tight across his broad shoulders. A close- cropped beard covered his strong jaw and squared chin.  His shaggy chestnut hair reached just below his upturned collar. He had a very expressive mouth (usually prone to smiling) and captivating green eyes
.... and there stood the most handsome man I had ever seen. Oh Marabella.” Mara smiled wide and bright. “He was magnificent. He was tall and broad-shouldered. His hair was full and kind of shaggy and he had a short scruffy beard, but his face was kind.  And of course, he had those bewitching green eyes. You have your father’s eyes, for certain. But what struck me dumb was his mouth. He had such a beautiful mouth. Sometimes he would chew his bottom lip, when he was thinking or reading. You do that some.” Mara gazed at her young daughter. “It brightened the world when he smiled. His eyes would crinkle up and oh my. He looked at me with his crooked grin and I had to smile back.
 There in the doorway stood a young Demalion. He was of average height and slight of build. Looking more closely, Belle surmised he was quite young, but his bearing was confident and authoritative. He had shining black hair, a prominent nose and sleepy brown eyes with dark lashes. His coat and trousers were of fine dark blue fabric and he wore an embroidered pale blue vest and spotless white silk cravat. His face was kind and his smile genuine. 
He was fierce looking and quite tall when he stood to hop down from the wagon. He had pale skin and a smooth face. His long lustrous dark hair hung down his back. On each side of his head, his hair was braided and pulled back like a girl, but no one would mistake him for a girl. He wore the clothes of a warrior complete with a sword buckled to his hip. Ragus smiled and his whole countenance softened. The furrow in his brow smoothed and his fierce dark eyes twinkled with a hint of mischief. The grim set of his strong jaw gave way to a perfect, white toothed smile and rosebud lips.

It was a simple dress with a high waist, low rounded neckline, and puffed cap sleeves. An emerald velvet ribbon wound under her full bosom and danced down the front of the floor length dress, picking up the gleam in her emerald green eyes. Framed against the light from the window, Wesley could see the curve of her hips through the gossamer fabric. With gentle hands and deft fingers he pushed back her unruly hair. He twisted and secured each side with a comb, leaving the rest to flow down her back. A few tendrils escaped, creating a dark and delicate accent to her fair oval face. "There." He said, taking a small step back. "Lovely." Wesley looked up from her bare feet and was dumbstruck gazing at her face. For once, there was no smudge on her perfect features. Her high cheekbones blushed slightly pink, and contrasting with her strong jaw-line, her full mouth looked like ripe fruit. 


Belle blinked again and finally took a look at the creature draped across Reading Rock. He was huge; his mass easily covering both the smooth indentures where she and Wesley usually reclined. His thick coat gleamed golden in the shafts of light from the rising sun. Each massive paw was the size of Belle’s head. His rounded ears occasionally turned this way and that to catch any sounds from the surrounding woods. And his face…his face was intelligent, full of expression, especially the eyes. His eyes were dark gold, almost amber and sparkled with calm wisdom.
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