Monday, September 15, 2014

One Step Closer...

We are one step closer to publication! The Author sent the edited manuscript in for formatting. It won't be long now. We have given you a few tastes of MARABELLA, DISCOVERING MAGICS. You can scroll down to the bottom and read them from the beginning, if you like.
    What I would love is some feedback. Please leave a comment to let us know you've been here. I have noticed that we have had guests from the UK, France, Poland, and Canada, as well as the U.S. I want to personally thank you all for checking us out.  There is more to come.
    The Author is working on writing down more of my adventures.


    Mr. Allen's 4th grade class at Doyline High School in Louisiana is helping me out with the second book. They are coming up with suggestions for naming the Pirate ship in Marabella's adventure. The winner will receive a signed copy of MARABELLA, DISCOVERING MAGICS and have a pirate in the second book named after him or her.
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