Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Josef, the Harbinger

After a long moment she said, “I’ll show you this one but hereafter don’t ask me. The magics are something you must discover for yourself in due time.”  Then with a wink she added, “It’s said that those who possess true magics have no need of ingredients like this here.” She held up her tinderbox.
     “That’s actually true,” said a deep melodious voice from behind them. Nan and Belle both jumped at the sound. Neither had noticed his noiseless entry. There in the doorway stood a young Demalion. He was of average height and slight of build. Looking more closely, Belle surmised he was quite young, but his bearing was confident and authoritative. He had shining black hair, a prominent nose and sleepy brown eyes with dark lashes. His coat and trousers were of fine dark blue fabric and he wore an embroidered pale blue vest and spotless white silk cravat.
     His face was kind and his smile genuine. “Ladies.” He said, bowing from the waist with a flourish, which fanned a pleasant spicy scent through the room. 
     Nan’s cheeks flushed pink for a moment. The handsome young man had caught her off guard. “We were discussing the magics, lighting a candle and such. This young one is a scholar of Yaskrit but most Common folk don’t take to the magics as I’m sure you know.” 
     “Ah dear lady, of that I am quite aware. But,” he gave a brilliant smile. “You ladies are not so common, aye.” With that he blew on the long extinguished wick of the candle on the counter. “Subeo igneooshe whispered and with a faint pop, the candle ignited.
     Ma Nan covered her mouth to stifle a yelp. Belle beamed ear to ear. The handsome Demalion shifted his gaze from left to right and put a finger to his lips. “Our secret.”
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