Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Review: The Case of the Invisible Souls by R. Weir

Author R. Weir shines a light on social injustice and the plight of the homeless in this latest Jarvis Mann detective story.

     When a homeless veteran asks our erstwhile P.I. for help, he must confront his own preconceptions and notions about the invisible souls living in the city around him.

Once on the case, Jarvis learns a bit about life on the streets and the fear and depravation of that life. The rich and powerful seek to sweep the helpless aside for their own gain. It isn't a difficult case. The hard part is getting people to care. 

     In past cases, we've seen P.I. Jarvis Mann's cunning as an investigator, his failure as a boyfriend, and his badass moves as a fighter and protector. In this case, it is his loyalty and heart that take center stage. 

The Case of the Invisible Souls is slated for release June 24 on Amazon. Enjoy More from the Jarvis Mann Detective Series: 
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