Friday, July 18, 2014

Welcome Friends!

This is my very first blog post.  Where I come from, we don't have blogs, but my friend the author has made this possible.  She said I could write about anything I wanted so I chose magic, of course. She instructed that I write in Common, as apparently most of you have no knowledge of the Yaskrit or Pelago languages.

In my world, magic (we call them the magics) is something everyone believes in but many fear.  Only the clan of people called Demalions possess true magics but anyone here can use magical items or do simple magics with the aid of certain ingredients.  Some can make fire or draw water from the world around them or do truly wonderful things.  But there are magics all around everyone, every day.  They need only to pause and observe.

There is magic in nature.  Notice the way a mimosa tree folds its frond like leaves up at night and opens them to welcome the day.  Have you ever viewed a sunrise from a mountain top? That is magical indeed; the way the light moves across the land bringing the colors to life. If you 've ever witnessed the twisting winds (you call them tornados) you must believe in magics.  They can destroy an entire village and leave one small hut intact, with even the thatch undisturbed. 

There is also magic in people.  I do not refer to Demalion magics and spell casting but the amazing resilience of the human spirit.  The human body can repair itself from horrible trauma, broken bones, debilitating disease, even severed limbs. This is only possible though if the person believes and works toward healing.  There are those who cannot recover from tragedy but fall into the terrible sadness that overtakes and destroys them.  Most people bounce back, usually with the aid of those around them. The ones who minister to those in need should get most of the credit as they selflessly devote their time and resources to the healing process of others.  But the real magic is kind words from a stranger at just the moment you need them, or a genuine smile from a passerby when you lack one of your own.  This is the most important magic of all.

THE AUTHOR SPEAKS - Sandra Boutwell-Falcone, author of Marabella

Marabella makes some very good points about the magic in our daily lives.  I would call them the blessings of God.  Others might refer to them as providence.  Some would say luck.  Here in Arkansas, where I live, we have recently experienced the "twisting winds" for ourselves.  We have also experienced the magic of the people in this country.  Thousands came and volunteered their time, money, sweat and labor to aid the victims of the devastating tornados that hit Central Arkansas in April of this year.  People from all around the country came to help, sent food, water, clothing, building supplies and truckloads of items to the affected areas.  Musicians held concerts raising money for those in need.  Yes, Marabella, that is the greatest magic of all. 

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